Concrete Services

Do you have concreting needs for your home or place of business?  Are you a stickler for quality work and wouldn't leave concreting projects to chance?  Then hire a qualified to do it for you, like Glass Machinery & Excavation.  We offer high quality service at affordable prices.  Feel free to give us a call for quote!

Sidewalks & Slabs:

Concrete sidewalks are not only highly useful for pedestrians, but are visually appealing as well.  Concrete sidewalks and walkways also provide a safer alternative to traversing outdoors in adverse weather conditions.  Walkways constructed using concrete can be shoveled and salted during periods of winter weather, and provide a stable, firm walking surface.  Glass Machinery has the expertise and personnel to complete your concrete sidewalk project using high quality materials and workmanship, and within your time frame.  Give us a call today!

Curb & Gutter:

Whether you’re trying to control water flow in your parking lot or just add to the overall appearance of your property, concrete curb and guttering is a viable choice for handling drainage and protecting landscaping from erosion while providing a neater, finished look. Other great applications for curb and guttering are defining parking and driving areas, handicap ramp placement, and around landscaping islands. Glass Machinery understands all aspects of curb and gutter construction. We can quickly evaluate your project whether its the new installation of concrete curbing or a removal off a badly damaged tree lifted curb. We are ready to help you today.

Retaining Walls:

Oftentimes you need more flat space and the only option is to build a retaining wall.  Glass Machinery has extensive experience in the construction and design of cast-in-place concrete retaining walls as well as segmental block retaining wall systems.  We have successfully constructed many types of retaining walls in both residential and commercial applications.

Photos From Previous Projects

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